July 14


On How To Get Unstuck

Have you ever wondered what keeps you stuck?

Imagine if grief, anger, joy, boredom, frustration, sadness, excitement, longing, are all just a ball of energy.

Sometimes you feel it for what it is, passing through you, clear as day, and other times you feel it pool into places in your body, not knowing what that is exactly, it just feels unpleasant.

Yes, even joy.


Sometimes you might react to that feeling of overwhelm.

Its energy gathering.

And it can keep you stuck in a reaction, in either a withdrawal, separated, protected place, or a needy, clinging, desire-to-reach-out place.

You can deepen your relationship with it by spending time analyzing it, finding its roots, making sense, talk about it, write about it.

All along holding on to it as you try to make sense of it.


You can listen to it just enough to sense that it wants to move.

Then let it move.

Breathe into it.

Move with it.



Talk about it while feeling it move.

Sit with it and do nothing, watching it move ever so slowly.

Hold onto it, turning it on all sides, trying to understand why it's there.


Help it. 

It wants to move.

And helping it is freedom.


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